Advanced Healthcare Management Inc. is a privately owned Canadian company, established in 2008.  We began by providing insurers and law firms with supportive, trustworthy and impartial medical examinations, and detailed assessments of personal injuries, especially those resulting from motor vehicle accidents.  However we have since grown to include numerous physical rehabilitation clinics throughout the GTA as well as home care for those patients in need of personal assistance.

Our provincial healthcare industry is constantly evolving and we have continued to grow and adapt in this ever-changing landscape. We currently roster highly experienced and qualified professionals representing more than 25 disciplines.  Our full roster of specialists and healthcare providers are available to suit all medical and legal assessment needs, including multidisciplinary and catastrophic assessment requests.

Advanced Healthcare Management Inc. offers services specifically targeted to motor vehicle accident claims and other personal injuries. We work with a team of personal injury lawyers who are leaders in the industry and are dedicated to providing personalized and compassionate service to each and every person they serve.  Our lawyers recognize that each client’s case is unique and they strive to provide service tailored to each client’s individual needs, regardless of the extent of the injury or the size of the claim.  By providing our clients with legal representation, deferred payment options for many services are available thereby minimizing financial pressures. Services such as multidisciplinary assessments, physical rehabilitation, nursing care, home care and all legal fees may be covered until resolution of the client’s claim.  These services are extremely costly, they are very time consuming to set-up and they use extensive amounts of resources in our province’s healthcare system.  Advanced Healthcare Management Inc. is able to streamline this process and provide these services with minimal effort from the referring provider (ie. social workers, discharge planners, physicians, physical therapists, other legal representatives, etc.) thereby minimizing the burden and stress on our healthcare system.  Our client’s receive personalized attention and we pride ourselves in minimizing wait times for necessary services.

From the moment our clients have been involved in any type of personal injury, their focus and attention should be on getting well and rehabbing from their injuries.  Although there are many extraneous factors which add to a client’s case and in turn increase their stress levels, we are dedicated to minimizing their burdens by providing the necessary services to achieve desired results.

Advanced Healthcare Management Inc. is also a community-minded corporate citizen.  We have helped sponsor several charitable and fund-raising events in the community and will continue to do so in the upcoming years.  We believe in the importance of community and we understand that providing the necessary services for our clients, in a timely fashion, will provide a positive contribution to their independence and participation within the community.

Advanced Healthcare Management Inc. seeks to achieve excellent results and client satisfaction, promoting independence through excellence in service delivery

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